Cryolipo­lysis, or fat freezing (CoolSculpting), is a method of noninvasive fat reduction in which cold temperature is used to break down fat cells.  Fat cells, in particular, are more susceptible to the effects of cold than other types of cells, which allows the fat cells to be destroyed while the skin and other structures are spared of injury.

Patients typically see a fat reduction of about 20% and no downtime is required, making fat freezing an ideal choice for patients seeking noninvasive fat reduction treatments. While patients may see their waistbands shrink in size, offering cryolipolysis can mean just the opposite for a practice’s bottom line.

Medical spas should “definitely” consider adding fat freezing to their menu of treatments if they have time for training and room for the equipment.

CoolSculpting has gained popularity and a place in the cultural vernacular thanks, in part, to celebrity use. Khloé Kardashian recently revealed that CoolSculpting is her secret to a lean physique. But non-celebrity patients are seeing the benefits of fat freezing as well—thanks to reliable results and lack of downtime.

While CoolScultping is not the only body contouring method on the market—some treatments use ultrasound, while others use heat—  other therapies can have a greater risk of side effects and can even cause nodules to develop under the skin.

Fat freezing tends to be the most consistent treatment for fat. There are a lot of devices out there that use heat; some give absolutely no discomfort, but the results tend to be minimal. Sometimes it’s more a short-term reduction in fat volume only to increase as you take in more water. Doctor Hardik Soni does excellent work when it comes to body sculpting, especially CoolSculpting.

Ensuring Patient Satisfaction

Positive results and patient experiences will help draw in new patients and retain old ones. As with most things, proper training is necessary as results are extremely dependent upon what handpiece is used, how and where it’s placed, as well as the patient.